Joint Service Poster


All are welcome at a Joint Multi-Faith Service at the Unitarian Chapel in Padiham, Lancashire, on Sunday 24th September, at 10.30 am.

Entitled ... 'Sacred Songs of Hope' ... it will include Sufi Qawwali singers from West Yorkshire (devotional songs in the Sufi Islamic tradition, in Urdu, Punjabi, Arabic and English), an Interfaith women's choir from Manchester (with Jewish, Christian, Hindu and Sikh songs), prayers, and readings from Sacred Scripture (the Bible and Qur'an), with a shared meal in church halls downstairs to follow from 12.30. This service will be filmed for publicity purposes for the Internet by a Unitarian and an Inter-faith group -- it will not be live filming, and you can ask not to be included in the film.

Readers & Speakers
Pictured: Festival readers and speakers after the second night (from left): Gillian Peel, Jim Corrigall, Theresa Sowerby and David Rushton. Photo: John Hewerdine.


A festival of English poetry during war-time attracted lively audiences to Padiham Unitarian Chapel (in Lancashire) on the first three Saturdays of June 2017, with numbers averaging around 50 each evening.   This third annual poetry festival at the Padiham Chapel was entitled ‘Edward Thomas and the English War Poets’, and marked the centenary of the death of Edward Thomas at the Front in April 1917. 

In the first lecture (on 3rd June), the poet Theresa Sowerby explored First World War poetry, particularly that of Wilfred Owen and Isaac Rosenberg, against the wider culture of the time.   She was supported by readings from David Rushton. 

Then on 10th June, Rev Jim Corrigall, minister at Padiham, concentrated on Edward Thomas, asking whether he is best described as a nature poet or war poet, with support from Rev Gillian Peel as reader.    Finally (17th June), the poet Edmund Prestwich examined the brutally-honest writings of the Second World War poet Keith Douglas, who was killed in the Normandy landings at the early age of 24.  

Lively discussion followed the lectures.   Several audience members said afterwards they’d greatly enjoyed the festival, which they described as ‘brilliant’.   The Festival was organised by the Lancashire Collaborative Ministry.

Jim Corrigall

Around 100 people attended a joint Christian-Muslim service of worship on Sunday 23rd October at Padiham Unitarian Chapel. Entitled 'Uniting for Peace', it included readings from scripture, prayers for peace, hymn singing and Sufi mystical chanting (in Arabic, Urdu, Farsi and English). Many attenders praised the 'joyful spirit' that prevailed.

Padiham Unitarian Chapel has become the first church in the Padiham-Burnley-Pendle area to gain approval to hold same-sex weddings.