Several videos of special events at Padiham Unitarian Chapel are available to view on the website:

Two lecture from the 2018 Poetry Festival of the North are available - The Poetry of Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath - Beyond Confession

A Joint Multi-Faith Service entitled ‘Sacred Songs of Hope’ on 24th September 2017, with women’s Inter-faith choir Sacred Sounds and Sufi Qawwali singers Shahe Mardan, can be seen in two parts, the first part is here and it continues here

The Poetry Festival of the North on the English War Poets in June 2017, (Part 1).  First lecture by Theresa Sowerby entitled ‘Never Such Innocence’ exploring the impact of the Great War through its poets, particularly Wilfred Owen and Isaac Rosenberg.  It can be seen here.

Poetry Festival of the North on English War Poets, June 2017, Second lecture (Part 2) by Rev Jim Corrigall on: ‘Edward Thomas: Nature Poet or War Poet?’ commemorating centenary of the poet’s death at the Front.  It is available here.  

Our Anniversary Service on Sunday 17th April 2016 can be seen here 

A lecture at the first Poetry Festival of the North at Padiham Unitarian Chapel on T.S. Eliot, in June 2015, was recorded at the Unitarian annual conference in Birmingham (in April 2016).  It was, given by the Rev Jim Corrigall (with readings by Rev Gillian Peel) on: ‘Religion and Poetry in T.S. Eliot’, focusing on ‘Four Quartets’.  It can be viewed here: