Awaken to spring


This year in the northern hemisphere, spring starts on March 20th. Spring is waiting patiently around the corner, as the winter season comes to an end & optimism blossoms. When spring is in the air, each flower, herb, plant & tree on earth rises from its dreams after its winter rest.



It is the time for new growth & for buds on flowers to develop into beautiful colourful petals. The flowers are surrounded by a crisp blue sky & they raise their heads to say hello to the morning sun. When the sun shines down, it makes the spring colours come to life & highlight the wonderful countryside delicately dotted with an abundance of gorgeous flowers.


The flowers start to shine in the spring when the sun shines on their petals.If you listen carefully, you can hear the colourful tulips delicately humming a sweet song in your ear & this is accompanied by a group of birds chattering & singing happy music. With a touch of a spring breeze, you can see the sunny yellow daffodils dancing.


The magic of Spring brings smiles on people’s faces when the days start to get longer, the sweet smell of Spring fills the air & gardens start to become decorated with brightly coloured happy flowers.