The Chapel makes a number of past sermons available to download so that you can listen again and reflect on them in the peace and quiet of your own home.

The most recent sermons are by our Minister Rev J Corrigall but there are also a number of older sermons available.  

These can be played on any suitable MP3 player



A number of sermons are available to download to listen to.  These are:

*''Blowin' in the wind' by Rev Jim Corrigall
A Pentecost service by the Padiham minister on 15 May 2016.

*'Easter' by Rev Jim Corrigall
The Padiham minister explores how the Resurrection story can be understood. (26th March.)

*''The Spirit of creativity' by Rev Gillian Peel
Padiham Chapel member and retired minister considers creativity, on 28th February.

*Habits of Imperfection by Rev Jim Corrigall.

The Padiham minister considers the corrosive effects of shame, drawing 
on the wisdom of Brene Brown.   A sermon on 21st February

* 'Renewing the inner self' by Rev Jim Corrigall
At a service on 10th January 2016

*'What Islam can teach us' by Rev Jim Corrigall
Peace is at the heart of the Muslim faith, says the Padiham minister,
in the wake of attacks in Paris and Beirut.   (15 Nov 2015).

*Service of Remembrance by Rev Jim Corrigall
At the official service for Padiham Town, hosted by our Chapel (8 Nov).

*''Does praying help anyone?'' by Rev Jim Corrigall
The Padiham minister considers the effects of prayer (1 Nov)

*'The spirit within is powerful' by Rev Tony McNeile
A sermon on 25 Oct.

*'Return to the Source' by Rev Jim Corrigall
On a special congregational visit to Ancient Chapel, Toxteth,
Liverpool, the Padiham minister explores the history of this 'Mother
Church' for Unitarians   (18 Oct).

* 'The Buddha and the myth of I' by Rev Lewis Connolly
A recent convert to Unitarianism considers how the self is shaped by
wider society.  (11 Oct).

* 'Belonging' by Rev Jim Corrigall 
Where do we belong? A reflection by the Padiham minister at a time 
when immigration is in the headlines (4th October 2015). 

* 'Harvest Service' by Rev John Clifford
The President of the Unitarian General Assembly looks at sharing the
fruits (27 Sept 2015)

* 'Glimpses of the Holy Land' by Rev Jim Corrigall
The Padiham minister, just back from his first visit to 'the land called holy',
reflects on a pilgrimage (20th September 2015).

* Coming home to oneself by Rev Jim Corrigall
The second half of life can be a time of deep fulfillment.   A sermon
from the Padiham Minister on 16th Aug, partly inspired by Richard
Rohr's book 'Falling Upward'.

* Joy and Grief by Rev Jim Corrigall
These two emotions are part of our lives, whether we like it or not.
What can we learn from them?   (9th Aug).

* Happiness by Rev Jim Corrigall
Where do we find happiness? ... in ourselves, in others, or in the
world?   (2nd Aug).

* Living life to the full by Rev Jim Corrigall
Imagine if you could give yourself fully to each moment.   A sermon on
21st June 2015.

* Going beyond the ordinary by Rev Jim Corrigall
The Padiham minister explores possibilities for transcending the
everyday, in this sermon on 7th June 2015.

* Fire of the Spirit (for Pentecost) by Rev Jim Corrigall
Does the Bible story of the Holy Spirit entering the early Christians
after Jesus' death, hold any meaning for us today?  
A sermon on 24th May 2015.

* Is Equality desirable? by Rev Jim Corrigall
 Equality is a widely-proclaimed ideal -- but why then is our world so
unequal?   The minister in Padiham goes in search of answers at the
International Slavery Museum in Liverpool, for this sermon on 17th May

* Justice and Mercy by Rev Jim Corrigall
Should justice always be tempered by mercy?   If so, why?   In this
sermon (3rd May 2015), the Padiham minister looks at the implications
for the UK criminal justice system.

* Anniversary by Rev Jim Corrigall
The Padiham Minister, the Rev Jim Corrigall, goes in search of the
'gold' of Chapel life, in this Anniversary Service sermon (19th April

* Easter by Rev Jim Corrigall
Can the message of Easter still speak to us today? 
A sermon (5th April 2015) from the Padiham Minister, the Rev Jim Corrigall.

* Brokenness by Rev Jim Corrigall
Are we humans all 'broken'? -- and if so, is there any hope for us?
The Minister at Padiham explores these questions (1st March 2015).

* Radical Hospitality by Rev Jim Corrigall
To welcome the stranger, the one who is very different from ourselves,
may require a radical inner transformation.  
The Padiham Minister considers the implications ... (15th Feb. 2015).

Sources of Hospitality by Rev Jim Corrigall
Our chapel aims to give a warm welcome to all who come through its doors.
But what are the well-springs of hospitality?
A sermon (1st Feb 2015) by the Minister at Padiham.

* 'Faith' by Rev Jim Corrigall
Faith today can mean having to agree to a series of doubtful
intellectual propositions.   But words like 'belief' and 'creed'
originally had very different meanings.  
In a sermon (18th Jan 2015) the Padiham Minister explores what this might mean for us.

* 'Doubt' by Rev Jim Corrigall
Is doubt valuable for one's faith journey?   A sermon (11th Jan. 2015)
by the Minister at Padiham Unitarian Chapel, Rev Jim Corrigall.

* 'The World made New' by Rev Jim Corrigall
In a New Year sermon (4th Jan. 2015), the Minister at Padiham, Rev Jim
Corrigall, examines the human urge to remake the world -- and

* 'Waiting for Hope?' by Rev Jim Corrigall
The Minister, Rev Jim Corrigall, questions whether hope is illusory or
realistic, in this Advent sermon (7th Dec. 2014).

* 'What can we learn from Hinduism?' by Rev Jim Corrigall
In this sermon for Inter-Faith Week (16th Nov. 2014), the Minister at
Padiham Unitarian Chapel, Rev Jim Corrigall, explores the oldest of
the living world religions.   What lessons can be drawn from its