The chapel is a glorious venue for Weddings and Baptisms.

We Unitarians have played a leading role in campaigns for equal marriage, alongside the Quakers and Liberal Jews.   Unitarians have always championed tolerance and social justice.   We’ve had women ministers for over 100 years, and we’ve been performing blessings for same-sex couples for more than 30 years.”  Padiham Unitarian Chapel has become the first church in the Padiham-Burnley-Pendle area to gain approval to hold same-sex weddings and joins Rawtenstall Unitarian Church which became the first church in Rossendale Valley to be registered to conduct same-sex marriage ceremonies. We are all delighted that the Church can now offer all couples the right to marry.  


Unitarians do not believe that children enter the world in a state of sin, therefore the sacrement of baptism is a service of welcome, naming and blessing.  It is not necessary to be a member or regular attender of the congregation in order to be baptised at Nazareth Chapel. All baptisms will reflect the personal circumstances and wishes of the family.